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This is dedicated to my gorgeous son. My son is awesome and he is absolutely beautiful inside and out. We have such a great relationship and we can get on the weirdest subjects some times. He thinks I am crazy but he is not too far behind me – I am his mother after all. Like mother, like son. Sorry son. Haha

BTW…my son’s underarm hair does not look gross – he is still young so he has a few years before he looks like this. Ha ha ha ha ha

I just got off of Skype with my 17 yr old son. He was not wearing a shirt (he is always shirtless) and he raised his arms and I got a nice camera shot of his hairy underarms. I told him that he needed to shave his pits. He laughed and put his underarm up to the camera so I could get grossed out some more. I love my kid!!!

I told him that there was nothing grosser than a shirtless, sweaty guy putting his nasty, hairy underarms on your shoulders. He laughed again. I told him that men should man-scape! He laughed again and told me that girls think that hairy is sexy. I told him that I was going to blog about our conversation and I would make a poll to see who was right  – me or him! Ha ha

I like a clean-shaven man! I like a baby face – not a scratchy, hairy face. I also do not like back hair or a chest that is too hairy. I do not like underarm hair either. I think all men should man-scape everywhere except their arms and legs.

Let’s talk about ear hair! Gross! Why do older men let their ear hair and eyebrow hair grow out of control? I don’t get it.

Let’s talk about back hair – I know some men can’t help it but that is why they invented wax. Come on guys, do us ladies a favor and man-scape. Hope you enjoy the pics.