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Big Brother

I am so glad to see Brendon gone. I am glad that Kalia won Head Of Household so Daniele will be safe another week. I really want Daniele to win.

I need to say that Brendon and Rachel are a good couple – not the “Dynamic Duo” but a good couple in general. I don’t think any one else could put up with either of them. I have to give Brendon kudos for the way he treats Rachel.

Rachel is digging herself a hole by moping and whining. I hope all of the house guests get sick of it and paint a huge target on her back. She needs to go!!!

The best part of the show for me was when Rachel was crying and admitted she was crazy. I thought I was going to pee my pants because I was laughing so hard.

I hope that either Cassie or Dominic comes back to the house. Who would you like to see come back?

I think that Daniele is playing a good game no matter what her dad, Dick says. He should have more faith in Daniele.

I’m looking forward to Sunday night.