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Will Brendon Villegas or Jordan Lloyd be evicted from the Big Brother House? I hope Brendon!




I am so pleased with Daniele! I love her! She made the right decision putting Jordan up as a pawn against Brendon. I want him gone so bad. He is so arrogant and condescending.

Daniele has shown she is not afraid of Brendon or Rachel and hopefully she will see through Jeff and Jordan’s plan to back door her. I have faith in her because she is seeing through Shelly. I would like to see Shelly hit the road next. I still want Rachel gone but I can’t stomach Shelly any more. Is it just me or does Shelly act like a dude?

I hope that the “newbies” will see how brave Daniele is for going against the “veterans” and take Daniele’s side. I think Daniele is playing a good game.

I don’t understand why Brendon thought it would make a difference if he told every one he was using the Power of Veto on himself instead of Rachel. He is an idiot. It was a just a meaningless move. The funny thing is Brendon thinks it was a smart move. What? Ugh! I’ll tell you why he did it because he is in love with himself and he thinks he is the smartest guy in the whole wide world. Ha ha

If you look in the dictionary under obsessive, arrogant, stupid, condescending, contradicting, depression, ugly, skinny and lanky you will find a picture of Brendon Villegas. I know, I’m pretty harsh. It is just my opinion so sorry to any Brendon fans.

Who do you want to see evicted, Brendon or Jordan?