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I am pleased with Ashley’s decision in choosing J.P. Rosenbaum

I think that J.P. will be able to put up with a lot more drama than Ben. I think because J.P. is older and more mature he can put up with more and not sweat the small stuff.

It is important to be with some one who will accept you the way you are and not try to control you. I think Ben would try to change Ashley (just my opinion) and J.P. will be accepting of her wants and needs. Relationships are hard and when your partner doesn’t respect you or have your back it can cause the relationship to crash and burn real fast.

It is disappointing when you think you have a good relationship then you find out that the person you married is not the person you thought they were. How many people do you know who made the mistake of jumping into what turned into a really bad marriage? I know plenty.

It is important to get to know some one really well before making any life changing decisions like marriage. I am glad that Ashley and J.P. will be living in the same state so they will have a chance to see each other’s true colors before going down the marriage road. I really hope it works out for the both of them.

I really thought Ashley’s sister Chrystie was going to push Ashley in Ben’s arms but she may have caused Ashley to want J.P. even more. I had a hard time watching Ashley and Chrystie talk because Ashley couldn’t get a word in edge-wise. Chrystie talked over Ashley and I wanted to yell, SHUT UP AND LET HER TALK FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! I was so proud of Ashley when she told her sister she was acting like a B&%$H!

After The Final Rose – I wonder if Ashley’s sister Chrystie was sincere when she spoke to J.P. about how she feels about him now. I didn’t think she was only because she hugged Ashley but not J.P. at first. Chrystie hugged J.P. after she apologized to him for judging him. I don’t know – who really knows?

I am looking forward to Monday night‘s episode of The Bachelor Pad. I am so glad that Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are on the show because that will make the show more dramatic and that is what I like. Ha ha