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Okay, I am receiving some personal emails requesting I post on relationships and relationship red flags…………

No problem! I have some strong opinions on this subject and I am more than happy to give my opinion.

Okay here is my list of red flag questions……….

Does your partner get mad over stupid things?

Do you no longer hang out with your friends?

If you do hang out with your friends does your partner get mad?

When you got married did your partner completely change? Example: Your partner fell in love with you because you were fun and outgoing – now your partner no longer wants you to be fun and outgoing.

Does your partner control where you work?

Does your partner control whether or not you have a Facebook page?

Does your partner erase the family computer’s history after using it? Why would they do that unless there is something to hide?

Does your partner check your computer’s history? Why would your partner do that? Hmmmm………………….

Does your partner not let their cell phone out of their sight when you are around?

Does your partner snoop through your car, purse, wallet or cell phone?

Do you have to ask your partner for money and do you have to explain why you need it?

Do you have to defend why you do or do not want to do something or go somewhere?

Does your partner treat his or her friends and family better than you?

Did your partner stop listening to you talk?

Does your partner talk about themselves and expect you to listen but not care about what you are interested in?

Does your partner have a better relationship with a member of the opposite sex who is not a family friend or not related than they do with you?

Does your partner let their mother/father treat you bad?

Does your partner talk down to you?

Does your partner make all of the decisions?

Does your partner control the money and the household?

Does your partner disagree with everything you say just to disagree?

Does your partner sympathize with you when you’re upset or ignore you and hope what ever is upsetting you doesn’t last very long because they want sex?

Does you partner think sex is 100% of the relationship?

Does your partner talk down to you in front of others or your kids?

Does you partner complain about you to friends or family?

Does your partner undermine you in front of others or your kids?

Are you no longer mentally or physically attracted to your partner because of the way they treat you?

These are some very important questions and if you can answer “yes” to any of these questions then you are probably heading down the wrong road. If you don’t do something about it now you will end up divorced. It is sad but so, so true! You are your own person and no one else has the right to treat you bad or tell you what you can or cannot do. Your partner has no right trying to change who you are.

If you have kids you both have to make decisions based on compromise. If your partner disrespects or undermines you in front of your kids then your kids will do the same.

If your partner goes snooping through your things usually means they are hiding something themselves – they are guilty and they are hoping they will find you doing something wrong to make themselves feel less guilty.

There is nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex. There is a problem when your partner has a friend of the opposite sex that you have never met and they are doing things together with out you.

When your partner bad-mouths you to their family it automatically changes their opinion of you because they are going to side with family. This can cause a huge problem. If you are angry with your partner don’t call your mom or dad, instead call your best friend and vent. Every one needs to vent to someone but not a family member.

If your partner does not take up for you to his or her mom you have a huge problem especially when you are married. You should never let your family disrespect your partner – it’s wrong!

I am not an expert on relationships – trust me! These are just my opinions.

If you are depressed or miserable in your relationship and you have tried to make things work but have been unsuccessful then you need to think about counseling. If your partner refuses to go then you are probably going to divorce or break-up.

If your partner tells you over and over that they will change but they never do then you will never be happy and only more and more disappointment is in your future. A leopard doesn’t change their spots – just something to think about.

I would like to know what you think are some definite red flags in a relationship or marriage.

Do you think you can rebuild a good relationship after your partner has cheated? Can you get that trusting feeling back after your partner has cheated or lied? Does your partner deserve a second chance after cheating on you?