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So, tonight is the ending of the Bachelorette and Ashley must choose who she wants to marry. The previews are making it look like she may pull a Brad Womak.

I hope she has choses one of them. I like Ben and J.P. but after watching last night’s episode, The Men Tell All, I have a super sweet spot for Ames. What a nice guy!I hope that he doesn’t make an ass of himself in Bachelor Pad this season.

Ames does need to loosen up just a tad but not too much.

I am looking forward to following Bachelor Pad and I am excited that Jake and Vienna will be on the show. Drama, Drama, Drama – JUICY!!! I have a feeling that this season of Bachelor Pad will be better than last season.

I felt kind of bad for William. I liked him even though he made some pretty stupid mistakes on the show. I think he truly regrets the things he said about Ashley at that stupid Roast. What was the point of the Roast any way – it was kind of stupid.

I thought that viewers were hard on Ashley regarding Bentley – in Ashley’s defense, she did not know what he was up to and Chris certainly didn’t tell her. I feel like it was the show’s fault for making her look bad about the whole Bentley situation but I’m thinking producers thought it would make it more interesting but instead it made Ashley look like a fool and made host Chris look bad. I am glad they were able to discuss it on The Men Tell All.

So, who do you think she will choose – J.P. or Ben? Who was your favorite bachelor this season? Mine was Ames! Who would you like to see as the Bachelor next season? I was hoping it would be Ames but not likely because of Bachelor pad.