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Big Brother HOH competition:

Okay, Daniele won HOH – thank goodness! I was worried when the “veterans” started trying to make deals with Daniele.

I am so glad that Daniele Danato put up one them up for eviction even if it was not Jeff. I guess I would rather see that jerk Brendon or his very annoying fiance, Rachel evicted. They think they are “it” and it drives me insane.

If one of them wins the Power of Veto I would like to see Shelly Moore nominated. I liked her at first but now I am seeing her true colors. She is a backstabbing one! She talked about how she teachers her kid not to lie or talk bad about people and now she is doing it.

I realize that it is a game and there has to be backstabbing and lying going on – that is the way you have to play but to go on TV and tell everybody what a saint you are and then turn around and be something totally different is stupid!

Shelly Moore lies! She made deals and supports the “veterans” but she lies to Kalia during the HOH competition. Explain that one to your kid Shelly!

She uses her kid to get sympathy. I can understand her coming on the show to win the money to give her kid a better life but don’t whine about missing your kid when you made the decision to be on Big Brother and be away from your kid. Ugh!

I think Daniele is smart by showing that she had the balls to nominate Brendon and Rachel – Good riddance!

I know, I need to get a life! Ha ha

I would like to know your opinion – who would you like to see evicted from Big Brother House the most??