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I love movies! I watch about three movies on the weekends. My family rents from the Redbox.


We ended up forgetting to return a movie so Redbox cut us off until we paid for the movie which is understandable. While we were cut off we went to the Blockbuster Kiosk for movies.

Blockbuster has a sign on the box that reads $1 movies – Redbox also has $1 movies

Redbox has $1 new releases Blockbuster’s new release prices are $2.99.

Redbox has a better selection of movies and their prices are the lowest. In my opinion Redbox movies are in better condition than Blockbuster’s movies. When we were renting from the Blockbuster boxes it was difficult to find one that was not out-of-order. Every Redbox location was in working order. Hmmm.

I did some research on both companies and when I searched Redbox I found that they had over 27,000 locations nationwide. When I searched Blockbuster I could not get a definite number and this is what I got. See below…………


how many blockbuster kiosks are there –  The first franchise to takeover local movie rental locations was  Blockbuster.  They had tons of the latest and most sought after movies and video game rentals all in one location for a cheap price, or what at one time seemed to be such. If you are interested in learning more about “how many blockbuster kiosks are there” then keep reading….The leader in the DVD kiosk is by far Coinstar, proprietor of the Redbox DVD kiosk brand.   More than 22,210 DVD kiosks have been installed, and in the past six months, have averaged 900 installations per month or more.  That means they install more than one kiosk every hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week“We are delighted with the high retailer and consumer demand for our low-cost, convenient DVD rental service,” Mitch Lowe, president of Redbox.”how many blockbuster kiosks are there” – If you are interested in the possibility of owing your own DVD machine, then you should consider the DVD Kiosk opportunity available with Go Mobile Direct. Becoming part of the Redbox franchise requires certain access and financial backings to be available in order to even be considered as an applicant. This process requires time and effort that can be better served elsewhere. Through Go Mobile Direct you can purchase your DVD kiosk machines for a one time fee, not including DVD inventory, and watch the residual income skyrocket.If I were interested in a DVD Kiosk franchise I would want to be affiliated with the one with the lowest prices and the one that worked! I would definately choose Redbox.