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We all read about the sexiest man alive in People Magazine but I have my own opinions on which celebrities I think are the sexiest. This will be fun especially if you leave your comments. I am interested in knowing who you think are the sexiest men alive.

Okay, I have a list of my top 10 guys and here they are………….

1. Matt Damon – he is my sexiest man alive!!!

2. Mark Wahlburg – The older he gets, the better looking he gets.

3. Simon Baker – He plays Patrick Jane on the show The Mentalist

4. Gerard Butler – WOW!! He was so good in 300

5. Johnny Depp – He is just oozing sexy!

6. George Clooney

7. Zachary Quinto – He played Spock in the new Star Trek

8. David Boreanaz – He plays Boothe on Bones

9. Taylor Lautner – He plays Joseph in Twilight

10. Russell Crowe