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Okay, Big Brother was so stupid last night! I was so irritated with Jeff and Brendon! Who do they think they are? I used to like Jeff and now I can’t stand him. Why do the “veteran’s” think they run the show? I hope Daniele wins HOH and gets rid of one them. I think the newbies ARE spineless jellyfish! I think the “veteran’s” forgot it is a game and have control issues.

I liked Dominic but his speech was bad and I think they may have voted differently if he hadn’t given the speech but I am glad he told him what he thought and I am glad that he didn’t give in to Jeff and Brendon’s threatening rants!

Usually it is Rachel who gets on my last nerve but her man needs to go. The only good thing about Brendon is the fact that he takes up for Rachel no matter what. They are made for each other.

Did any body notice Porche call herself a spineless jellyfish?  How funny! She is so lame!

I hope Daniele wins Big Brother.