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My oldest son lives in Georgia and I haven’t seen him in while – Today I got to talk to him and my Uncle on Skype! It seems like no big deal but it is huge to me. I didn’t even know about Skype until a couple of days ago and I did not know it was free. Fortunately my daughter got a computer with a built-in camera for Christmas and I finally got to see my son’s face in real-time today. I am ecstatic!!! I am so slow at picking up on cool things. I am a complete dork!

We went to Ron Jons Surf Shop today and my husband got  new swim trunks. He has not had a new suit in 8 years maybe. I guess he was due for it. It is really cool too. I pick on him constantly because of the way he dresses. He is in his 30’s and he dresses like an old man. No offense to the older gentlemen out there.

I did not get anything new. I wanted a swimsuit with the Jamaican colors but was unable to find one. I would not be caught dead in a swimsuit right now – I need to lose a few pounds first. I am not gross, just a little over weight.

My kids picked out some toys and we got a cool decal to put on the back of the car.

On the way home we discussed who came first – Warner Brothers or Disney. I picked up my phone and went searching. I guess it was Disney from what I read on the internet. The first ever cartoon was Steam Boat Willie and it came out November 18, 1928. Have you seen the cartoon? What cartoons do you remember? What was your favorite cartoon? I liked Tom and Jerry and it is still my favorite!!!!