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I just finished reading a few blogs about reality shows. I love reality shows more than regular tv. I am into Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance and The Bachelorette.

I never miss any episodes of all the above! Okay, maybe that shows that I have no life – if the shoe fits! LOL

I can’t wait until the X-Factor starts! I love Simon!!! The Bachelorette pisses me off this season because of the whole Bently situation and from the looks of the previews for Monday night’s episode I may be pissed off again. I just can’t believe how stupid this girl Ashley can be. Don’t get me wrong, I like her but she is an idiot!!!

Okay, about Big Brother – I was so excited about the new season until Rachel walked in the door. I know people really like her and some believe she makes the show but she makes my annoyance meter smoke!!!! I actually have to mute the tv when she talks. I wish Cassie was not evicted! She was just too pretty I guess – How caddy woman can be.

So You Think You Can Dance – I love Melanie! I hope she wins the whole thing. I like all of the dancers this season and it sucks seeing any of them leave. I wish I could dance!! I have no talents at all! My dream would be to produce a reality show of my own. I would have to think about what I would call it. Any good ideas? Give me some ideas  and I will blog my own reality show. Ha ha – I know it would suck soooo bad.