I am a mother of three and my kids are pretty well behaved. They have never done any thing that was really bad.

When my kids were very little they would get their hands slapped and told not to touch. I did not have to put up the breakables because my kids did not touch what they were not supposed to touch.

When my kids told me “no” or pitched a fit they would get a smack on the behind. I think that a spanking here and there is okay. I believe my kids are better behaved than kids who don’t get  spankings.

I don’t believe in beatings but let me tell you, when I was a kid and I misbehaved I got backhanded or belt whooped! I was a good kid for the most part but when I decided to back talk then I got a back hand and I didn’t do it again.

My point to this is that there are so many bad kids out there. I see kids screaming, crying and calling their parents ugly names and I just want to spank them myself or ask the parents what their problem is letting their kids get away with it.

I know, it is none of my business and all parents have different ways of raising their kids but I think that if we parents would be able to discipline our kids without someone screaming “child abuse” we would all have betterbehaved kids.