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Female President?

I am all for women’s rights!! Do I think we should elect a female president? Hell no!

I am a woman and I can be caddy and I can fly off the handle at any given moment because that is what women do – you can deny it if you want but it is true.

Men are better suited for being President because they have less emotions or they act like they do. Men aren’t caddy and they don’t get mad because the trash man dumped trash in your yard emptying the garbage cans. I wanted to kick my trash guy the other day for that reason.

I like Sara Palin but I would not want her elected. Now, Hillary Clinton could probably do it because she is one tough cookie. Plus I don’t think she still gets her period.

I can see it  –

Q: Madam President, why did you drop that nuclear warhead on China this morning?

A: Well, first of all I am on my period and second of all, my best friend’s husband just cheated on her with a Chinese woman. I said, “What the hell, this ought to show her”!